Stay Here Now

I have, for some time now, been obsessed with yurts. Almost as obsessed as I am with the Amish, but not quite.  And it turns out that in Oregon you can stay in a yurt almost everywhere. Several parks on the coast and inland have yurt, cabin, and even TEEPEE lodging. That is so freaking exciting. So, I will definitely be yurting it up for some time during my stay. I was hoping to also stay in a teepee near John Day while visiting the Painted Hills Unit of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. But, it’s not looking like I am going to make it that far east.

My current lodging plan:

Sa Arrive Portland NW Hostel  $26+  3pm/Noon
S Portland NW Hostel  $26+  3pm/Noon
M Portland NW Hostel  $26+  3pm/Noon
T Tillamook Cape Lookout State Park  $44    4pm/1pm* 
W Waldport Beachside State Rec. Area  $48    4pm/1pm*
Th Brookings Harris Beach State Park  $47    4pm/1pm*
F Bend Old St. Francis School  $155+
Sa Mt. Hood Timberline Lodge  $150+
Su Depart  PDX On the plane 🙂

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