Oregon, Just Oregon

I am all hyped up for my 1st west coast juant. It started as a duo expedition from LA to Seattle, with a good friend.  But, after a few weeks of research it was too much terrain in too little time for my ADD to handle.  Portland was was really my prime interest to begin with and when I started researching Oregon, a state I’ve long known that I was born to love, it just became a whirlwind from there.  Fortunately or not, Oregon, and just Oregon, was not #1 on my traveling partner’s agenda so the trip is now a solo expedition. Which I dither to say I am fine with.

I am in love with planning trips. I may get just as much satisfaction from learning about places as I do from going to them. While I have been to some very unusual places and have had incredible experiences, none of them were my top choice picks and this trip is my trip. Not the Air Force’s trip, my Colombian ex-husband’s trip, some boyfriend’s parents’ trip, or a place I ended up in drunken quandary. This is, 100% right minded, my trip.  Team Travelerette and God. Ready, set, go.


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