Go Here Now: Phantom Ranch

PhantomRanchCabinsTravelerette has been talking about a different kind of travel lately and it is time she takes a break. So lets talk about Phantom Ranch!  I have always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon, but beyond that I am deeply fascinated by Phantom Ranch.

You can read loads and loads about its rich history on Wikipedia, but I am more enamored by its quaint cottage village feel, buried deep within the canyon. It is also the only lodging below the rim, which makes it a hidden gem.

New_havasu_fallsREI does several organized backpacking trips in the canyon.  They do a seven day Phantom Ranch trip and a seven day Havasu Falls trip that I am secretly dreaming about as I sit behind my computer screen in my office in the suburbs.

If you are travelling with children, REI also does a Havasu Falls trip for the whole family. Yes, this is what dreams are made of. Go here now.

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