Time Travel

Day Start Stop Travel Time Total Drive Time
T PDX Astoria 1.42
T Astoria Cannon Beach .37
T Cannon Beach Cape Lookout 1.07 Tuesday: 2.24
W Cape Lookout Beachside 3.46 Wednesday: 3.46
TH Beachside Florence .46
TH Florence Coos Bay 1.11
TH Coos Bay Harris Beach 2.06 Thursday: 4.02
F Harris Beach JS Redwoods .32
F JS Redwoods Newberry Volcanic. 5.02
F Newberry Volcanic Bend 1 hr Friday: 6.34
S Bend Sisters .34
S Sisters Timberline 2.08 Saturday: 2.42
Su Timberline Hood River .56
Su Hood River MultnomahFalls .47
Su MultnomahFalls PDX .41 Sunday: 2.25

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