About The Author

I am a single thirty-something living on the East Coast and I love a good trip. Whether it is an hour long cruise down the the coast with my dog or a 12 hour ride packed in a very tiny car, sardine style, through the Colombian jungle, I’m down for the ride. By day, I sit behind a desk and dream about where to go next. This is how RTN was born. On these pages you will find lots of dirt on places that I am either visiting or dreaming of visiting and travel journals from trips that I have already taken. These can all be found under Travel. I’ve also oddly interjected this blog with posts about my life journey. These can be found under Memoir. I hope that you enjoy reading and will join me on this journey as we trudge the road to happy destiny. May God bless you and keep you ’till then.


visited 20 states (40%)

visited 7 countries (3.11%)


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