500 Hours


Big news today is a Minneapolis advertising agency that gave their employees 500 paid hours off to pursue a passion that they never had time for. They were allowed to do anything they wanted except nothing.

First of all, that is great advertising – if you ask me. This little stunt has the agency in nationwide news.

Secondly, this girl loves any possible opportunity to dream about travel. There are actually two options that I would consider. The first is to do the Camino de Santiago, which translates to The Way of St. James. This historical Christian pilgrimage is a 500 mile walk across Spain. While there are several routes, the most common starting point is in France. This epic walk of a lifetime is definitely on my bucket list.

But I do have it on my heart to see more of the beautiful US of A before I take anymore foreign journeys. This is an excellent excuse to plan an incredible North American road trip. Expect details to come.

What would you do if you had 500 paid hours?


2 thoughts on “500 Hours

    • I know, right! I feel lucky to get 20 days off a year. That’s a lot for an American. I’ve always wanted to do some travel through Canada and am looking forward to reading your blog.

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