If at first you don’t succeed….

One week from today I will be descending on the first notable trip I have taken since July 2011. If you trace back on my blog, last year I was quite excited to take a trip to Oregon, a part of the country that I have been dying to explore. I researched, and researched, and researched more! Down to the day, I knew where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do, and see.  And inevitably, shortly before the highly anticipated trip, I received a very attractive job offer and decided to cancel the trip and take a new position. Oh boy was I disappointed! As a result of this disappointment, in light of my upcoming trip, I have not spent every waking moment blogging about it. Don’t confuse that with not researching up a storm, because I have been doing that. I can’t not. It’s in my blood! But, I’ve held off on letting the excitement brim over the web. Chances are, the coming week will be hectic with tying up work and preparing for Italy. But, I think it is time to get excited!



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