Keep Liking Me Cuz I Love You!!

#1:  WordPress bloggers ROCK!!

#2:  There are a few things that Travlerette loves like none other. Among them are the Amish, homemade fresh cultured butter, and PICKLES! (*If you love any of these things like Travelerette does- click on the pictures to visit some really great blogs*)


So when you awesome bloggers *like* and *follow* Roadtrip Notebook Travlerette visits your blog and gets to discover all of the amazing stuff that you’re into.  And you people are mega-rad and travelerette is loving checking you out. 

As you may have read, travelerette  is currently crazed about her upcoming trip to Oregon and she is thrilled with all the Oregoners checking out her blog. Just today she recieved a visit from Kevin, author of Oregon College of Art and Craft Library. Thanks to Kevin for visiting me, because then I visited him and I discovered  this:

Kenny and Zuke’s

Oh my freaking goodness. Kevin put a great picture of some pickles on his blog. Turns out those pickles come from the place that makes this sandwich, Kenny and Zuke’s, in Portland, Oregon. Travlerette is counting the days untill she gets her mouth around this! Heck, Yeah!!! Visit Kevin’s blog here and keep liking me, so I can like you, and we can eat huge ass ruebens!!!!


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