This not that

I was on Google this morning checking out which churches are in the area I’ll be staying during my first Sunday in Portland.  First Presbyterian Church, First Baptist Church, Trinity Episcopal Cathederal, First United Methodist, Celebration Christian Church, Parish of St. Mark, 24 Hour Church of Elvis, Saint….Wait, what??!! That’s right. The 24 Hour Church of Elvis.  If The 24 Hour Church of Elvis ( located at 408 N.W. Couch, Portland OR) is even half as weird as it’s website it will definitely be a Portland Must-See. The first thing to be noticed about the website is that it really, I mean really, wants you to know that you are NOT at You ARE however at http://www.24hourchurchof and that, apparently, is very important to know. The site also assures that “there are mysteries and free gift items galore” within the site, so you should click on “EVERYTHING!!”, advice I cautiously failed to heed.  You are also given the opportunity to watch some very strange (yet, luckily, non-pornagraphic) home videos titled “Biosphere 6000” and “Monica & the Shoplifter”. While I am somewhat disappointed with Google for allowing this to come up in my search for “Portland Churches”, I think this find was definitely a score. Needless to say, while I do plan on stopping by The 24 Hour Church of Elvis, it won’t be on Sunday morning. I’ll be busy checking out Celebration Christian Church, and worshipping the one true king, Jesus Christ.  xoxo- Travelerette


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