Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is recognized by its well-known landmark, Haystack Rock, located to the southwest of downtown Cannon Beach, near Tolovana Park. This igneous rock has an elevation of 235 feet, and is often accessible at low tide, especially in the summertime. There is a small cave system that penetrates the rock and can be seen from the coastline. The rock is also protected as a marine sanctuary, Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge, and events are not allowed within 100 feet of either side of the rock.

Near Haystack Rock are the Needles, two tall rocks rising straight out of the water.

Downtown Cannon Beach is filled with small businesses. Chain stores such as Safeway and McDonald’s have been discouraged from building in Cannon Beach in order to preserve the local economy and small town feel.[12] Several businesses along the main stretch of downtown have been in operation for decades and have become local institutions. Among them: Mariner’s Market, Geppetto’s Toy Shop, the Driftwood Inn, El Mundo for Men, Bruce’s Candy Kitchen and the Cannon Beach Bakery, which is well known for its sourdough “Haystack Bread.”[15]

A wooden whale commemorating the encounter between Clark, his companions and the Native Americans sits in a small park at the northern end of Hemlock Street.

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